Thursday, April 22, 2010


Our first Quidditch match will take place this Saturday.  Gryffindor will be taking on Hufflepuff.  Teams should be in full uniform and on the pitch by 9:00 a.m. PST (12 EST; 6:00/1800 Euro) for the start of the match.  Ravenclaw and Slytherin, we encourage you to be there as well to cheer the teams on!  Remember, points can be earned for your Houses by posting cheers!

Since enrollment is down this term at Hogwarts, our Houses are smaller and it has been difficult for the Quidditch Captains to field a full team of 7 players.  Therefore the Ministry of Magical Games and Sports has modified the Quidditch Handbook as follows:

"If there are not at least 4 team members for a match from one house, the HoH for said team may participate. If the addition of the HoH to the roster still does not fill the needed positions, alternates from other houses may be asked to fill in the gaps up to meeting the requirement of the four core players (one player in each position). As a last resort, the team that is short of players may need to forfeit (giving the opposing team an instant 150 points) or play with reduced numbers (i.e., even though Team 1 only has 3 players, Team 2 can still play with the minimum 4). However, the more players you have available, the better! You have more chances to score, and therefore, more opportunites at house points. If you accept an alternate from another house on your team, we are trusting that said volunteer will be fair, honest and to play as though it is for your own team."

If anyone would like to volunteer to be a substitute on the team of another House, please consider contacting the HoH in advance to let her know that you are ready, willing and able to help. 

Let the games begin!

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