Friday, April 30, 2010


Is everyone ready for the second game of Quidditch?  Ravenclaw and Slytherin will be going head to head.  We are expecting a very exciting, quick game.  Please plan on arriving early so we know that both teams have full rosters.  The game will start promptly at:

9:00 a.m. - PST
10:00 a.m. - MST
11:00 a.m. - CST
12:00 - EST
5:oo p.m. -UK
6:00 p.m. - Euro

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, please fill up the stands early so the game can start on time.   Remember, you will earn points for your houses with your cheering charms!

Message from your friendly Admin. Asst.

Just a quick FYI for all our witches and wizards at Hogwarts this term.

Havelock the Hunter known as murphyryan on Ravelry has been removed from our swap for reason Deputy Headmistress Lovegood and I prefer not to share. His spoiler and spoilee have been notified as well.

Please direct all questions to Wisty or myself.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff!

Wow! The first Quidditch match is under our belt! It was a thrilling match, with Bludgers shooting every which way, the extremely elusive snitch, and the much passed Quaffle! (There were so many strong defensive plays and turnovers of the possession of the Quaffle that there were only 3 scoring attempts!) But in the end, Hufflepuff's Seeker, Rowan Dragonsinger, brought a victory to her House with the capture of the snitch. :) The final score?

Gryffindor: 20
Hufflepuff: 160

And here are the tallies of House points accrued by the Cheering Charms and Battle Cries (per the Cheering Charms section of the Quidditch Players Handbook):

Here is the list of who earned what points for their Houses by posting Cheering Charms and Battle Cries (per the Cheering Charms section of the Quidditch Player Handbook)!

Amethyst Aurag (Ravenclaw): 10 points
Elladora Madley (Hufflepuff): 4 points
Perenelle Tejedora (Ravenclaw): 10 points
Genevra Dreamy (Hufflepuff): 6 points
Celestina Pettigrew (Gryffindor): 8 points
Emma Scimgeour (Slytherin): 2 points
Megaera Black (Slytherin): 4 points
Ambyr Phoenixfyre (Ravenclaw): 6 points
Gryphon the Great (Ravenclaw): 4 points

House Point Totals:
Ravenclaw: 30 points
Slytherin: 6 points
Gryffindor: 8 points
Hufflepuff: 10 points

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dueling Club Round 2

I am delighted to release the patterns for Round 2 of Dueling Club, which are as follows:

Knit Division pattern.

Crochet Division pattern.

Good luck duellers - start casting those charms!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Our first Quidditch match will take place this Saturday.  Gryffindor will be taking on Hufflepuff.  Teams should be in full uniform and on the pitch by 9:00 a.m. PST (12 EST; 6:00/1800 Euro) for the start of the match.  Ravenclaw and Slytherin, we encourage you to be there as well to cheer the teams on!  Remember, points can be earned for your Houses by posting cheers!

Since enrollment is down this term at Hogwarts, our Houses are smaller and it has been difficult for the Quidditch Captains to field a full team of 7 players.  Therefore the Ministry of Magical Games and Sports has modified the Quidditch Handbook as follows:

"If there are not at least 4 team members for a match from one house, the HoH for said team may participate. If the addition of the HoH to the roster still does not fill the needed positions, alternates from other houses may be asked to fill in the gaps up to meeting the requirement of the four core players (one player in each position). As a last resort, the team that is short of players may need to forfeit (giving the opposing team an instant 150 points) or play with reduced numbers (i.e., even though Team 1 only has 3 players, Team 2 can still play with the minimum 4). However, the more players you have available, the better! You have more chances to score, and therefore, more opportunites at house points. If you accept an alternate from another house on your team, we are trusting that said volunteer will be fair, honest and to play as though it is for your own team."

If anyone would like to volunteer to be a substitute on the team of another House, please consider contacting the HoH in advance to let her know that you are ready, willing and able to help. 

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Points -- Week 3

Gryffindor -- 88% (up 1%)
Hufflepuff -- 83% (down 1%)
Ravenclaw -- 96% (down 2%)
Slytherin -- 98% (up 2%)

Good going everyone!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Activity on the Pitch!

Hello, Hogwartians! I just wanted to post a school-wide reminder that there will be no school-wide assignments the weeks of the Quidditch matches! (For the matches that fall on Sundays, it is the preceeding week that will have no homework.) We want you all to be training, rested and prepared for your game, so be sure to blog on your own, and then show your support by cheering on the team of your choice at the Quidditch Pitch!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Points - Week 2

Congratulations on the great start to this term at Hogwarts.  After Week 2, the House Points stand as follows:

Gryffindor -- 87%
Hufflepuff -- 84%
Ravenclaw -- 98%
Slytherin -- 96%

Good luck in Week 3!  Remember, weekly posting to your blog is a requirement at Hogwarts.  It's fun to see what everyone is doing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Snakey Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Minerva Lovegood!!!



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Care of Magical Creatures Homework Assignment

Hello Students:

This week we will be working with Magical Creatures.  You will have a three part assignment.  Please post all answers on your weekly blog.

Part One:  Please Describe and Explain 5 items that you would use for the care of Magical Creatures.  ie: mittens for handling of poisonous plants, goggles etc.  There are no wrong answers as long as they can describe how the object is used.  You will received 5 points for each described item and 5 points if you post an original photo of everyday items found around your home to represent each item.  (originality marker rules applies for photos)

Part Two:  Complete the following quiz about House Elves. 5 points for each correct answer.

1.  Please describe the physical appearance of a house elf.
2. Kreacher is the house elf of which wizarding family?
3. What is Hermione Granger making for the house elves?
4. How do you free a house elf?
5.  What does S.P.E.W. stand for?

Part Three: Bonus/Extra Credit assignment.  For a bonus assignment, knit or crochet a SPEW project that will be sent to our lovely Ms. Mooney as part of this year's S.P.E.W project.  You will receive 25 points for your completed project.

Have fun and have a great week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dueling Club Round 1

I am delighted to announce the patterns for Round 1 of Dueling Club this term.  Please follow the links below to the relevant pattern page in Ravelry...

Knit Division pattern

Crochet Division pattern

Good luck duelists, and may the best students win.  Just remember that unforgiveable curses are not allowed.  We don't want any of the duels to result in a death, so simple stun and disarm charms would be best at this early stage of the tournament.  In fact, some of you may find a simple Knit charm to be useful!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

House Points

Following the first week of this term at Hogwarts, the House Points have been tabulated.  Since the Houses are uneven in number, the points will be a percentage rather than a number.  Without further ado, the House rankings are:

Gryffindor - 100%
Hufflepuff - 100%
Ravenclaw - 100%
Slytherin - 100%

Nice work!  I hope all the Houses will do as well during this week.

Monday, April 5, 2010



Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello, Hogwarts students! Welcome to Transfiguration! Your assignment for this week will be all about turning one object into something else. :) It is simple enough to understand how the assignment works, though will require a bit of creativity (which shouldn't be too hard for this student body, I'm sure!). In the list below, you will find items from the Harry Potter world. Your job will be to create your own version of these items. (Don't worry if they don't look exactly like they do in the movies or on other places on the Web!) Start with posting your originality marker, and then the items you use to create the object before (w/your marker) and then the picture of after you construct it (again, w/your marker). For example, say that the item on the list is a Fanged Frisbee. Your first picture would be the items you use to construct it. (i.e., paper plates and a piece of paper), the second picture will be after the spell is cast (i.e., the paper plate attached to the fangs I drew, cut out, and taped to the paper plates). It can be as simple or elaborate as you want, just try to make it look like the item, and not something that is a drawn picture or two pieces of paper pasted together, where it takes more imagination to see the end result. ;) Scale size does not matter (it can be life-size or the right size for a doll), and yes, items you knit or crochet are completely eligible! Just don't forget your "Before Spell Casting" picture. :) Simple enough? Ok, time to get creative! Here are your items:

Golden Snitch
Hagrid's Rock Cakes
Decoy Detonator
Nose-Biting Teacup
Time Turner

Each finished object (if it is entirely if your own making and your own pictures) will earn your house 5 points. If you use Internet images instead, for whatever reason, that finished object will only earn your house 3 points.

Have fun creating!!!

Charms Extra Credit: If you also post a spell in between the before and after pictures, telling us what you used to create your FO, you will earn your house 2 bonus points per spell!

(Remember that while you are not required to do the weekly homework, you will earn extra house points for your house if your weekly posting includes the homework!)

Deadline: Post your homework by Saturday, April 10th, at midnight, PST to get house point credit!