Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The third match of our Quidditch season will be on Sunday, May 16/Monday May17.  Gryffindor will be meeting Ravenclaw and I anticipate a heated match!  The times are:

4-7 p.m. PST
5-8 p.m. MST
6-9 p.m. CST
7-10 EST
12-2 a.m. (Monday) UK
1-3 a.m. (Monday) Europe

Hufflepuff and Slytherin, please fill up those stands and cheer the teams on!  The Referees will be starting the game on time so we ask that the teams meet on the pitch in full uniform a few minutes early.  Captains, please let the referees know who will be playing for your teams.

Good luck!

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